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Cargo Trading

Over the past years our team has built a solid track record and expertise, trading across the barrels.

Thorough knowledge and acute market intelligence of specific niche markets allowed us to prevail in difficult market conditions.

We do not look at trades individually and we add value from our technical knowledge, fair business practices and long-term vision.



Pegasus is proud to retain over 30 years of experience in the bunker industry. Our commitment is to continue providing excellent everyday services through timely deliveries, quality products, fast response times and 24/7 availability which built our reputation over the years.

We are constantly working to expand our presence for physical deliveries while maintaining high standards of quality and services and now also proposing alternative fuels in order to comply with latest sustainability requirements.

We are also providing very effective back-to-back solutions, giving our clients the benefits from our great network and credit line facilities on worldwide basis. Having contract with state companies in Tunisia and Algeria.

GTC for Bunkering

Physical Areas & Ports


  • All French Med Ports
  • (all grades by truck only)

  • All French Atlantic Ports

    (all grades by truck only)

  • All French Channel Ports

    (all grades by truck only)



  • VLSFO, ULSFO & MGO 0.1 by barge only


(operative since Q1 2018)

  • MGO 0.1 by truck only
  • Barcelona, Tarragona, Vigo and Bilbao.


  • Bunker Contract with state company in Tunisia


  • Bunker Contract with state company in Algeria