Pegasus Oil Trading

Petrol & Gas United Services

Since 2015 Pegasus Oil Trading is the new brand name of Former Argos Monaco

Pegasus group is now promoting and developing its new identity in the industry, continuing to provide the high quality of service that made our reputation.


Countries Experience

200 KM

Tonnes Supplied


Vessels Served



Pegasus is having over 3 decades of experience in the industry, developing now in all available Alternative Fuels

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Yatching pool

Pegasus supplies its new 10ppm grade - exclusively for yachts - together with all range of additional services and products such as Jet A1, Lubricants, AD Blue, Spare Parts, Repairs, Service Maintenance, etc…

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Since 2023, Pegasus has anticipated all Sustainability options in order to provide its customers with a full range of alternatives to fossil energies, either 100% pure or as a special blend in order to reach a tailor-made product with sustainability improvements.

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Blockchain Technology

Pegasus is now taking a real step forward in the Shipping and Yachting industries by implementing all latest Blockchain Technologies such as Smart Contracts, Document Digitalization, Crypto Transactions into daily tasks.

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