About us

Pegasus Oil Trading is the new name of former Argos Monaco.

The Monaco Management structure was incorporated in 2007 to develop and manage new businesses for the Frisol Group (which became Argos in 2012 after successive mergers) with focus on two main market segments : Bunkering and Cargo Trading.

The cargo trading activity swiftly gained momentum in Middle East & Asia where our expertise helped us lead the way, whilst on bunkering, the company worked to become a reputable and reliable physical bunker supplier in France, North Africa and later in Panama.

Both cargo trading and bunkering significantly increased and kept on providing steady returns until early 2014. The same year, Argos Group opted for a change of strategy, redirecting resources and focusing attention on their core activities in BENELUX, in preparation of the merger with Varo.

Upon the news, Monaco’s management team saw an opportunity to emancipate and develop the core and historical business of the company. The former team remained active while new additions were joining.

Pegasus Group is now promoting and developing its new identity in the industry, continuing to provide the high quality of service that made our reputation.

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Pegasus in Numbers

Milestones :

2007 : Incorporation of BVI & Monaco office as Frisol
2009 : Frisol becomes North Sea Group
2012 : North Sea Group becomes Argos
2015 : MBO of the existing structure and rebranding into Pegasus Oil Trading



Pegasus Bunkering is proud to retain over 25 cumulated years of experience in the bunker industry.
Our commitment is to continue providing excellent everyday services through timely deliveries, fast response times and 24/7 availability which built our reputation over the years.

We are constantly working to expand our presence for physical deliveries while maintaining high standards of quality and services.

We are also providing very effective back-to-back solutions, giving our clients the benefits from our great network and credit line facilities on worldwide basis.

   Pegasus Bunkering GTC

Physical Areas & Ports


  • All French Med Ports
    (all grades by truck only)
  • All French Atlantic Ports
    (all grades by truck only)
  • All French Channel Ports
    (all grades by truck only)


(operative Q4 2019)

  • 380cst, ULSFO & MGO 0.1 by barge only

Bunker Contract with state company in Tunisia


(operative since Q1 2018)

  •  MGO 0.1 by truck only
  • Barcelona, Tarragona, Vigo and Bilbao.

Bunker Contract with state company in Algeria


Cargo Trading

Over the past years, Monaco team has built a solid track record & expertise, trading across the barrels.

Deep knowledge and good market intelligence of specific niche markets allowed us to prevail in difficult market conditions.

We do not look at trades individually and we add value from our technical knowledge, fair business practices and long-term vision.


Senior Management



Starting in 1993 for a small independent bunker company, he rapidly became Vice President. In 2008, he joined the Frisol Group to successfully build up and develop the bunker desk. In 2010, he successfully started to develop cargo trades. In 2012, he was becoming the President of Argos Monaco SAM. After Argos’ decision in 2015 to divest its international activities and focus back on their core business in BENELUX, he made an MBO of the existing structures and created Pegasus Brand to continue and develop the Company.



Javier is focused on developments of the company. He is handling all intelligence for the new trades, contracts negotiation and strategical positioning.



Chris has over 18 years’ experience in trade commodity finance.  Having graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2000, Chris spent the next 12 years at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., where he reached the position of Senior Vice President.  In 2012, Chris joined The Carlyle Group in New York as a Director of the Structured Investments Desk, where he co-managed a USD $500M portfolio of structured physical commodity transactions. Having spent the better part of 4 years with the Carlyle Group, Chris founded KLD Capital to provide financial advisory services to privately-held commodity trading companies in the energy, metals, softs, and agricultural sectors in Europe, North America, and South America.  The addition of Chris is seen by Pegasus' management as a major asset.


9, avenue d'Ostende
98000 Monaco

Tel : +377 9797 1818
F: +377 9797 1819

E: pegasus@pegasus.trade