Senior Management

Petrol & Gas United Services

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Vincent Fabre
Starting in 1993 for a small independent bunker company, he rapidly became Vice President. In 2008, he joined the Frisol Group to successfully build up and develop the bunker desk. In 2010, he successfully started to develop cargo trades. In 2012, he was becoming the President of Argos Monaco SAM. After Argos’ decision in 2015 to divest its international activities and focus back on their core business in BENELUX, he made an MBO of the existing structures and created Pegasus Brand to continue and develop the Company.
Javier Guillen
Javier is focused on developments of the company. He is handling all intelligence for the new trades, contracts negotiation and strategical positioning.
François Ostinelli
In over 3 decade he is involved in Energy business (Oil &Gas). He used to be in CFO positions in many companies, Geogas, Petroval/Yukos, Sahara Group, Aiteo Group. He used to be Managing director for Sahara Singapore during the period 2010-2013, in turning the business profitable. He developed during all these years strong relations with a large number of international banks, in setting up credit facilities for transactional and structured deals. He has been involved as well on shipping business in participating on financial aspects for new building in Korea as well and Purchases & sales transactions. He gets large experiences in Europe, USA, Central America, South East Asia, China and Australia.